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About the Owner

Our mission is to assist in the transformation of human consciousness. Our job is to educate and guide one through self-awareness and integration. We are dedicated to end suffering and teach empowerment through universal knowledge, energetic healing and new age skill sets such as epigenetics, self-sustainable living, meditation, deliberate creation and intention training.

Awaken. Integrate. Transcend.

About This Site

Transcendence International Consciousness Academy... a full-service education in consciousness packaged for the seeker, healer and teacher within. Transcendence International is a cutting edge academy that specializes in finding and healing the root causes of suffering. Transcendence International Consciousness Academy does not use energy medicine to clear small blocks, but rather, uses the quantum field to rewrite an individual’s entire reality. Transcendence International Consciousness Academy is not a collective that teaches co-dependency and coping as a style of healing-based therapy. Transcendence International Consciousness Academy offers advanced Master of Light skills which are tools that are designed to enable an individual to clear blocks at the level it was created. Whether you’re ready for Advanced Master of Light Academy or you’re ready to step up and become a spiritual teacher and Life Coach or you simply want to add our world famous Quantum Time Travel certification to the tool box of your already integrated system, Transcendence International Consciousness Academy has you covered!

Programs Offered

1. Quantum Light Coaching Certification (Transcendence Certified Life Coach)

Class Descriptions

Quantum Light Coaching

Have you ever thought of yourself as a life coach? Are you a natural empath? Do you seek out and want change for yourself & others?Are you on a spiritual journey & looking for tools & techniques to help you with your community, your friends or your existing practice? Are you interested in creating a business for yourself that you can work from anywhere on the planet using only Skype? Then our Light Coaching program might be perfect for you!

This one year class includes:

-First 3 months: Awaken, Integrate & Transcend yourself

This is a 3 month protocol of intense training on your personal process to unblock any of the filters or limitations that are keeping you stuck from moving on in your personal process

-You will eliminate all your personal abundance process blocks

-Heal all your traumas & PTSD from the past

-Heal your self worth

-Integrate self love

-Heal your body

-Tackle the 4 major soul wounds and heal management of your time to build a successful practice & light coaching business

-The remainder of the year, will be spent learning to awaken, integrate & transcend your client(s) using forms of NLP, Quantum Light Coaching, Brain Re-entrainment, PTSD & healing trauma, intense shadow work, childhood regression, past-life regression, trigger techniques & by delving into issues with sexuality, childhood, money & abundance and time & self-worth.

-After the first 3 months, you will be certified to start coaching via Skype or in your personal wellness center with Transcendence as your affiliate.

-Your Light Coaching business will be featured on Transcendence Wellness Center’s website as an active Transcendence certified Light Coach & you can practice from anywhere on the planet!

-You will be able to mentor under Jessica Alstrom for 1 year so that if anything comes up during your client sessions that you are unsure of how to handle, you will have a support net to help you resolve the issue.

SECTION 1: Week 1 - No Thursday Class
SECTION 2: Week 1 - Saturday Class - Duality & Victimhood

Lesson 1:

Week 1 - Saturday Class Video - Duality & Victimhood


Lesson 2:

Week 1 - Saturday Class Notes - Duality & Victimhood

SECTION 3: Week 2 - Quantum Biology and Movement

Lesson 3:

Week 2 - Class Notes - Quantum Biology & Movement


Lesson 4:

Week 2 - Class Video - Quantum Biology & Movement

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