Payment Policy

TICA is a business like any other, involving the fair exchange of energy. However, the quality of experiential education, training in our shadow work, and higher dimensional information that Jessica and Transcendence offer through the TICA program is unusual, precious, and second to none. In terms of energy and wisdom exchanged, the tuition is far below what TICA offers to class participants in return. As we refine and add to TICA’s curriculum and awareness of TICA grows, TICA’s popularity will increase and TICA’s tuition will increase over time. During this time in our planet’s history and in our current stage of TICA’s development, you as TICA participants are on the ground floor of an amazing inter-dimensional learning/awakening opportunity.

For those on weekly or monthly payment plans via automatic payment by credit card, if your payment is dishonored, TICA will charge a dishonored payment fee of USD $35. This is in addition to what your bank may charge you. If you fall behind in your payments by more than one month, and you have not made arrangements with TICA administrative staff to address the amount owing, your access to TICA will be suspended until outstanding back payments have been made.

By submitting your initial payment, you are agreeing to the above payment policy. If this policy does not resonate with you, please do not submit your payment. TICA reserves the right to change this payment policy at any time, with full disclosure to all TICA participants.

TICA’s goal has been and continues to be to over-deliver on curriculum offered. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this policy, please contact TICA by phone or email.